Collective Embroidery

Embroidery has existed ever since the 5th century BC. Throughout its many years of bringing stories to life, one stitch at a time, embroidery has continually been re-energized by artists with unique visionaries that push the boundaries of its known meanings and limits.
Between 1741 and 1760, over 4,000 babies were deserted by their mothers and left at the Foundling Hospital. For each of these children, a small object, a piece of fabric or token was kept as an identifying record. The three of us as artists tribute our work to the Foundling Babies as these fabric swatches and tokens are what inspired us to turn to the timeless art of embroidery. 
In November of 2020, we began to plan our project in which we would each be able to embroider a piece from our hearts. The linen piece kept travelling from house to house for 7 months, and each time we embroidered something new in response to each other’s work.  We wanted to tell and share the emotions that the Foundling families awakened within us.  
In respect and honor of these children, we humbly present our unique collective embroidery textile work “Foundling”.
Janet, Patricia and Deniz

janet f potter, Patricia Paolini, Deniz Seker
36 1/2″ x 22 1/2″
Mixed Media Embroidery on Linen
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